Research Introduction Course for New PhD Students


The course will give you as new PhD student an introduction to PhD studies, research in general and research at different departments. 


The course two runs two times per year over 2-3 weeks, ca. 20 lectures in February/March and September/October. 


3 ECTS credits (requires 80% active attendance + short presentation of research plan). 

Preliminary schedule

Day 1
09-12, Introduction to oral and poster presentations (Svante Axelsson)

Day 2
09-10, Life as a researcher (Helena Danielsson)
10-11, Rights and Obligations (Rasmus Luthander)
11-12, Library Services/Finding Scientific Literature (Ulrika Haak)

Day 3
09-10, Structure of PhD studies (Helena Grennberg)
10-12, How (not) to do PhD studies (Olle Björneholm)

Day 4
09-10, Chemistry (Henrik Ottosson)
10-12, Ethics (Iordanis Kavathatzopoulos)

Day 5
09-10, What and who is SciLifeLab? (Eva Molin)
10-12, Philosophy of Science 1 (George Masterton)
13-15, Philosophy of Science 2 (George Masterton)

Day 6
09-10, Engineering sciences (Jörgen Olsson)
10-11, Physics (Olle Björneholm)
11-12, Mathematics, IT  (Walter Mazorchuk, Wang Yi)

Day 7
08.30-10, IP and Innovation (Per Kjellin)
10-11, Geosciences (Anna Sjöblom)
11-12, Biology (Hanna Johannesson)

Day 8
09-10, Science popularization possibilities (Tobias Blom)
10-12, Science vs Pseudoscience (Stephan Pomp)
13-14, Employment conditions (Ingrid Ringård)

Day 9
08-12, Presentations (Erki Metsanurk/Mattias Klintenberg)

Contact and registration

Register by sending an email to (please include your personal number).

Mattias Klintenberg
Phone: 018-471 5861