Masterprogrammet i Fysik

Physics at Uppsala University range from the minute to the immense with research in all fields of physics from elementary particles, via the electron structure of condensed matter to the properties of the universe.

Uppsala University offers a two-year full-time study (120 ECTS credits) Master Programme in Physics within four different areas:

The open structure of the programme gives you a high freedom of choice and specialisation: material theory, magnetism, material physics, chemical physics, theoretical physics, subatomic physics, applied nuclear physics, energy production, astronomy, space physics, geophysics, meteorology and physics education research. As a student on the Master of Science Programme in Physics you also have the possibility to combine courses from other areas to create an individual profile for your degree.

A complete list of courses given in the various physics profiles can be found here: courses. Note that you can combine courses from different profiles and also take courses on the advanced Bachelor and PhD level.

After the two years of study, you will receive an internationally recognised Master of Science degree.

For more details, see the University pages: Master Programme in Physics.

Requirements and Application

The Master Programme is taught in English. The basic admission requirements are:

The application to the Master programmes from December 1stu. The application procedure is found on the University website and the application website (

On the indicated websites, you can get more information about the eligibility requirements and the documentations to enclose your

The application deadline for international students is: mid-January, 2014.
and for students already studying in Sweden: mid-April, 2014.


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