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The department of physics and astronomy offers information to and cooperation with the society in various ways, such as organizing exhibitions and demonstrations to schools and the general public, taking part in various working groups within our respective fields of research and by performing commissioned research and education (see links to the left).

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Current seminars

Multi-messenger signatures of high energy sources

Celine Tchernin
University of Geneva, Switzerland
2014-08-21 15:15 - 16:00
Hiorter's room (Å73101)
Type : 
Astronomy and Space Physics

Cosmic rays have been observed over a broad range of energy, up to 10^20 eV. However, due to ubiquitous magnetic fields, no concrete ideas of the acceleration sites of cosmic rays have yet been established.
Because their trajectories are not deflected by magnetic fields, the study of the neutral secondary particles produced in cosmic ray interactions at the source are an indirect but promising way to determine where the observed cosmic rays are accelerated.