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School and society

The department of physics and astronomy offers information to and cooperation with the society in various ways, such as organizing exhibitions and demonstrations to schools and the general public, taking part in various working groups within our respective fields of research and by performing commissioned research and education (see links to the left).

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Current seminars

Singularities and Gauge Theories III

Luigi Tizzano
2014-11-27 13:45
Oseenska rummet 73121
Type : 
Theoretical Physics

The idea of identifying string propagation in geometric singularities with certain gauge theories, is known as “geometric engineering”. In this series of talks I will introduce this construction and I will use it to obtain a number of supersymmetric gauge theories in four and five dimensions. Finally, I will review the recently proposed classification of six-dimensional superconformal field theory.

In Silico Characterizations of Malaria Pigment

Ehesan Ali
Physics and Astronomy
2014-11-28 12:15
Type : 
Materials Theory

In this talk I will give a general overview of malaria disease, its impact and open scientific challenges. Detailed knowledge of the electronic structure, magnetic and optical properties of hemozoin, the malaria pigment, is essential for design of effective anti-malarial drugs as well as new malaria diagnosis techniques. Employing state-of-the-art electronic structure calculations we have recently performed an in-depth investigation of the malaria pigment. This provides new insight into the magnetic properties and spin-states. We also have explained the origins of various observed peaks in electronic and IR-spectra.