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The department of physics and astronomy offers information to and cooperation with the society in various ways, such as organizing exhibitions and demonstrations to schools and the general public, taking part in various working groups within our respective fields of research and by performing commissioned research and education (see links to the left).

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Current seminars

Detecting Majorana fermions using ARPES and STM: Background and preliminary results

Kristofer Björnson
Physics and Astronomy
2014-10-31 12:00
Type : 
Materials Theory

A type of quasi-particles called Majorana fermions have been predicted to occur in vortices of topological superconductors. In this presentation a background in topological band theory, and its application to superconductors is presented. Preliminary results on what possible signatures of Majorana fermions can look like when probing the band structure or LDOS with techniques such as ARPES and STM is also presented.