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The department of physics and astronomy offers information to and cooperation with the society in various ways, such as organizing exhibitions and demonstrations to schools and the general public, taking part in various working groups within our respective fields of research and by performing commissioned research and education (see links to the left).

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Current seminars

Strong evolution of infalling galaxies in clusters

Hector Bravo-Alfaro
Institut d'Astrophysique de Paris, France
2014-09-18 14:00 - 15:00
Hjorter's room (Å73101)
Type : 
Astronomy and Space Physics

In this talk I will review the morphology-density relation, the well known observational evidence showing spiral galaxies to be absent from the massive cluster cores, and the abundance of lenticular S0 population rising at their place. How deep the spiral population might be transformed in late-types, and what could be the responsible physical mechanisms, is still a matter of debate. In this talk I will be presenting the last results obtained by different teams and outline the project in which I am involved. This last includes HI-VLA and NIR imaging within a sample of nearby clusters with the aim of disentangle the role that environment is playing in galaxy evolution. I will finish with a short outline of Mexican Astronomy.