Physics Education at Uppsala University

Physics at Uppsala University stretches from the smallest to the largest, with high quality research within all the fields of physics—from studies within string theory, elementary particles, and electron structure of materials, the nearest space environment to the entire universe. At the Ångström laboratory there is cross-disciplinary research on topics of materials and energy, and at the Earth Science Center, research about Earth and its climate is based on physical principles. These and other broad collaborations provide a creative atmosphere, both for education and research.

The Student Service Office

We do not have any fixed opening hours, but it is open if anyone is at the office.

Phone: 018 471 3516


Exams will be handed out by: student service.

To be a physics student in Uppsala!

Marika follows the Bachelor program. Follow her blog on blogspot (in Swedish).

Rob follows the Master program. Follow his blog on blogspot.