Nordic Conference on Correlated Electron Systems (NCES2011)

Nordic Conference on Correlated Electron Systems


The field of strongly correlated electrons is rapidly evolving. Discovery of new materials like Fe based superconductors and topological insulators along with the new advancements in electronic spectroscopy capabilities, poses new challenges for comprehensive theoretical understanding and experimental characterization of novel materials.

Electronic materials that are being investigated today are complex, and typically exhibit competing phases, sensitivity to small changes in control parameters, and enhanced sensitivity to disorder. This competition and sensitivity often results in nanoscale inhomogeneity. Materials with correlated electrons are considered here, particularly with respect to nanoscale inhomogeneity which is revealed with novel probes such as STM and AFM.

The workshop aims at bringing together leading experts and young scientists (post-docs and students) in various fields. Stimulating multidisciplinary discussions will be sought between participants concerning materials physics towards nanoscale science and strongly correlated materials, focusing on low-dimensional systems, inhomogeneities and strong electron correlations.

We aim at gathering around 40 to 50 researchers in the areas related to the topics listed below. The meetings will take place in the scientifically inspiring environment of the recently constructed Ångström Laboratory in Uppsala.

This is the third workshop in the series of Nordic Conference on Correlated Electron Systems, following the success of the previous workshop on correlated electrons held in Uppsala in Aug./Sept. 2009, and in Gothenburg in Aug. 2010.