Post-graduate courses

Courses that both broaden and deepen the knowledge and skills of the student are part of the post-graduate studies. Different specializations have different course amount demands, which are specified in the respective study plans. The courses may be chosen individually by each graduate student together with the supervisors according to the background and research direction of the student.

In addition to courses within our own scientific fields, there are courses intended to help the PhD students with their studies, and to enrich the studies with other perspectives:

Courses within adjacent scientific fields are in many cases relevant also for PhD students in physics:

Faculty-common post-graduate courses are intended for students from many scientific fields. The courses may be scientifically broad, or provide training in skills, such as Scientific Writing

Advanced undergraduate courses are in many cases relevant also for PhD students.

Courses may also be taken at other universities, or in form of summer schools, individual reading courses etc.

Post-graduate courses within physics and astronomy

Courses given during the last years are listed. Some courses re-occur frequently, others more seldom. Contact the teacher for more information!