Recruitment of PhD students

All recruitment of PhD students (except for those with their own financing, e.g. scholarships from another country) shall be done by public announcement on the UU page for open positions. It is recommended to also spread the announcement through other channels, and this is up to each supervisor.

Recruitment step-by-step

  1. The supervisor and the division head clarify the financing with the dapartment head.
  2. The supervisor produces the announcement in both Swedish and English.
  3. The supervisor gets a diary number from the staff administrator.
  4. The staff administrator sends the announcement to the personnel administation division, and a copy to the director of post-graduate studies.
  5. After the announcement has been made public, an application time of minimum 3 weeks follows. The applications are sent to the central UU registrator.
  6. During the application time, the supervisor must answer all questions from interested persons promptly.  
  7. After the end of the application time, the supervisor will receive all applications from the registrator. The supervisor decides how and by whom the evaluation and selection of the applicants will be done. 
  8. When an applicant has been offered the position, and has accepted it, the admission takes place. 
  9. All applications, including those from non-successfull applicants, must be archived at the department for a minimum time of two years. This can be handled by the staff administrator
  10. Al applicants, including the non-successfull ones must be given a relpy on their application.  This can be handled by thesupervisor or the staff administrator