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The department of physics and astronomy offers information to and cooperation with the society in various ways, such as organizing exhibitions and demonstrations to schools and the general public, taking part in various working groups within our respective fields of research and by performing commissioned research and education (see links to the left).

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Current seminars

Quantum imaging of Dirac Materials

Prof. Alexander V. Balatsky
Los Alamos National Laboratory
2014-10-02 15:15
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Department wide

Recently a new single-layer material—graphene—has been discovered. This is a material where quasi-particle behavior is described by very same Dirac equation that governs behavior of relativistic particles. Dirac fermionic spectrum leads to very unusual properties of these materials, including Klein paradox, chirality of carriers, unusual electron transport, and impurity states. These properties are not unique to graphene, instead they represent universal consequences of the Dirac spectrum of the fermionic excitation sector. I will explore these similarities with other materials exhibiting similar spectra including d-wave superconductors, superfluid 3He and recently discovered topological insulators and discuss the unique role of symmetries that protect the Dirac spectrum.