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Non-Equilibrium Nano-Physics, A many-body approach

Springer (2010)
Lecture Notes in Physics 809
Jonas Fransson

The aim of this book is to present a formulation of the non-equilibrium physics in nanoscale systems in terms of many-body states and operators and, in addition, discuss a diagrammatic approach to Green functions expressed by many-body states. The focus of this book ensues from the typical questions that arise when addressing nanoscale systems from a practical point of view, e.g. current-voltage asymmetries, negative differential conductance, and spin-dependent tunneling. The focus is on nanoscale systmes constituted of complexes of subsystems interacting with one another, under non-equilibrium conditions, in which the local properties of the subsystems are preferable being described in terms of its (many-body) eigenstates.

ISBN 978-90-481-9209-0

Find more information on the website: Non-Equilibrium Nano-Physics.