Scalar-Fermion Analytic Bootstrap in 4D


Authors: Emtinan Elkhidir and Denis Karateev

PrePrint: UUITP-47/17

In this work we discuss an analytic bootstrap approach [1,2] in the context of spinning 4D conformal blocks [3,4]. As an example we study the simplest spinning case, the scalar-fermion correlator $\langle \phi \psi \phi \overline\psi \rangle$. We find that to every pair of primary scalar $\phi$ and fermion $\psi$ correspond two infinite towers of fermionic large spin primary operators. We compute their twists and products of OPE coefficients using both s-t and u-t bootstrap equations to the leading and sub-leading orders. We find that the leading order is represented by the scalar-fermion generalized free theory and the sub-leading order is governed by the minimal twist bosonic (light scalars, currents and the energy-momentum tensor) and fermionic (light fermions and the suppersymmetric current) operators present in the spectrum.