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Publikationslista hämtas från DIVA och inkludera endast publikationer med anställda från Jonfysik som författare. Publikationer med Jonfysikens medarbetare i "Acknowledgement" finns inte med på listan.

  • Lohmann, Svenja; Sortica, Mauricio A.; Paneta, Valentina; Primetzhofer, Daniel et al.

    Analysis of photon emission induced by light and heavy ions in time-of-flight medium energy ion scattering

    Ingår i Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Section B, s. 75-80, 2018.

  • Moldarev, Dmitrii; Primetzhofer, Daniel; You, Chang Chuan; Karazhanov, Smagul Zh. et al.

    Composition of photochromic oxygen-containing yttrium hydride films

    Ingår i Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells, s. 66-69, 2018.

  • Chulapakorn, Thawatchart; Primetzhofer, Daniel; Sychugov, Ilya; Suvanam, Sethu Saveda et al.

    Impact of H-Uptake from Forming Gas Annealing and Ion Implantation on the Photoluminescence of Si Nanoparticles

    Ingår i Physica Status Solidi (a) applications and materials science, 2018.

  • Lohmann, Svenja; Primetzhofer, Daniel

    Ion-induced particle desorption in time-of-flight medium energy ion scattering

    Ingår i Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Section B, s. 22-26, 2018.

  • Huttner, Hagen B.; Bergmann, Olaf; Salehpour, Mehran; El Cheikh, Raouf et al.

    Meningioma growth dynamics assessed by radiocarbon retrospective birth dating

    Ingår i EBioMedicine, s. 176-181, 2018.

  • Gleich, Stephan; Soler, Rafael; Fager, Hanna; Bolvardi, Hamid et al.

    Modifying the nanostructure and the mechanical properties of Mo2BC hard coatings: Influence of substrate temperature during magnetron sputtering

    Ingår i Materials & design, s. 203-211, 2018.

  • Greczynski, G.; Primetzhofer, Daniel; Hultman, L.

    Reference binding energies of transition metal carbides by core-level x-ray photoelectron spectroscopy free from Ar+ etching artefacts

    Ingår i Applied Surface Science, s. 102-110, 2018.

  • Kiefer, David; Yu, Liyang; Fransson, Erik; Gomez, Andres et al.

    A Solution-Doped Polymer Semiconductor: Insulator Blend for Thermoelectrics

    Ingår i ADVANCED SCIENCE, 2017.

  • Landsverk, Ole J. B.; Snir, Omri; Casado, Raquel Bartolome; Richter, Lisa et al.

    Antibody-secreting plasma cells persist for decades in human intestine

    Ingår i Journal of Experimental Medicine, s. 309-317, 2017.

  • Zetterling, Carl-Mikael; Hallen, Anders; Hedayati, Raheleh; Kargarrazi, Saleh et al.

    Bipolar integrated circuits in SiC for extreme environment operation

    Ingår i Semiconductor Science and Technology, 2017.

  • Englund, Sven; Paneta, Valentina; Primetzhofer, Daniel; Ren, Yi et al.

    Characterization of TiN back contact interlayers with varied thickness for Cu2ZnSn(S,Se)4 thin film solar cells

    Ingår i Thin Solid Films, s. 91-97, 2017.

  • Chen, P.; Yu, Z. B.; Aldahan, Ala; Yi, P. et al.

    Comparison of measurement and modeling results of the global Be-10 flux in topsoil

    Ingår i Journal of Radioanalytical and Nuclear Chemistry, s. 2039-2045, 2017.

  • Ström, Petter; Primetzhofer, Daniel; Schwarz-Selinger, Thomas; Sugiyama, Kazuyoshi et al.

    Compositional and morphological analysis of FeW films modified by sputtering and heating

    Ingår i NUCLEAR MATERIALS AND ENERGY, s. 472 472-477 477, 2017.

  • Greczynski, G.; Primetzhofer, Daniel; Lu, J.; Hultman, L. et al.

    Core-level spectra and binding energies of transition metal nitrides by non-destructive x-ray photoelectron spectroscopy through capping layers

    Ingår i Applied Surface Science, s. 347-358, 2017.

  • Suteerasak, Thongchai; Elming, Sten-Åke; Possnert, Göran; Ingri, Johan et al.

    Deposition rates and C-14 apparent ages of Holocene sediments in the Bothnian Bay of the Gulf of Bothnia using paleomagnetic dating as a reference

    Ingår i Marine Geology, s. 1-13, 2017.

  • Hunold, Oliver; Keuter, Philipp; Bliem, Pascal; Music, Denis et al.

    Elastic properties of amorphous T0.75Y0.75B14 (T = Sc, Ti, V, Y, Zr, Nb) and the effect of O incorporation on bonding, density and elasticity (T ' = Ti, Zr)

    Ingår i Journal of Physics, 2017.

  • Qu, Hui-Ying; Primetzhofer, Daniel; Arvizu, Miguel A.; Qiu, Zhen et al.

    Electrochemical Rejuvenation of Anodically Coloring Electrochromic Nickel Oxide Thin Films

    Ingår i ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces, s. 42420-42424, 2017.

  • Sortica, Mauricio A.; Paneta, Valentina; Bruckner, Barbara; Lohmann, Svenja et al.

    Electronic energy-loss mechanisms for H, He, and Ne in TiN

    Ingår i Physical Review A: covering atomic, molecular, and optical physics and quantum information, 2017.

  • Roth, D.; Bruckner, B.; Undeutsch, G.; Paneta, Valentina et al.

    Electronic Stopping of Slow Protons in Oxides: Scaling Properties

    Ingår i Physical Review Letters, 2017.

  • Roth, D.; Bruckner, B.; Moro, M. V.; Gruber, S. et al.

    Electronic Stopping of Slow Protons in Transition and Rare Earth Metals: Breakdown of the Free Electron Gas Concept

    Ingår i Physical Review Letters, 2017.

  • You, Chang Chuan; Moldarev, Dmitrii; Mongstad, Trygve; Primetzhofer, Daniel et al.

    Enhanced photochromic response in oxygen-containing yttrium hydride thin films transformed by an oxidation process

    Ingår i Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells, s. 185-189, 2017.

  • Jablonka, Lukas; Kubart, Tomas; Primetzhofer, Daniel; Abedin, Ahmad et al.

    Formation of nickel germanides from Ni layers with thickness below 10 nm

    Ingår i Journal of Vacuum Science & Technology B, 2017.

  • Ruess, H.; Baben, M. To; Mraz, S.; Shang, L. et al.

    HPPMS deposition from composite targets: Effect of two orders of magnitude target power density changes on the composition of sputtered Cr-Al-C thin films

    Ingår i Vacuum, s. 285-289, 2017.

  • Spalding, Kirsty L.; Bernard, Samuel; Näslund, Erik; Salehpour, Mehran et al.

    Impact of fat mass and distribution on lipid turnover in human adipose tissue

    Ingår i Nature Communications, 2017.

  • Chulapakorn, Thawatchart; Sychugov, Ilya; Suvanam, Sethu Saveda; Linnros, Jan et al.

    Influence of Swift Heavy Ion Irradiation on the Photoluminescence of Si-nanoparticles and Defects in SiO2

    Ingår i Nanotechnology, 2017.

  • Zhou, Y.; Bergsaker, H.; Bykov, I.; Petersson, P. et al.

    Microanalysis of deposited layers in the inner divertor of JET with ITER-like wall

    Ingår i NUCLEAR MATERIALS AND ENERGY, s. 412 412-417 417, 2017.

  • Lasfargues, H.; Glechner, T.; Koller, C. M.; Paneta, Valentina et al.

    Non-reactively sputtered ultra-high temperature Hf-C and Ta-C coatings

    Ingår i Surface & Coatings Technology, s. 436-444, 2017.

  • Litaudon, X.; Abduallev, S.; Abhangi, M.; Abreu, P. et al.

    Overview of the JET results in support to ITER

    Ingår i Nuclear Fusion, 2017.

  • Shang, Lin; Baben, Moritz To; Pradeep, Konda Gokuldoss; Sandloebes, Stefanie et al.

    Phase formation of Nb2AlC investigated by combinatorial thin film synthesis and ab initio calculations

    Ingår i Journal of the European Ceramic Society, s. 35-41, 2017.

  • Xing, Shan; Hou, Xiaolin; Aldahan, Ala; Possnert, Göran et al.

    Speciation analysis of I-129 in seawater using coprecipitation and accelerator mass spectrometry and its applications

    Ingår i Journal of Radioanalytical and Nuclear Chemistry, s. 833-841, 2017.

  • Reu, Pedro; Khosravi, Azadeh; Bernard, Samuel; Mold, Jeff E. et al.

    The Lifespan and Turnover of Microglia in the Human Brain

    Ingår i Cell reports, s. 779-784, 2017.

  • Fluch, Ulrike; Paneta, Valentina; Primetzhofer, Daniel; Ott, Sascha et al.

    Uniform distribution of post-synthetic linker exchange in metal-organic frameworks revealed by Rutherford backscattering spectrometry

    Ingår i Chemical Communications, s. 6516-6519, 2017.

  • Greczynski, G.; Mraz, S.; Hans, M.; Primetzhofer, Daniel et al.

    Unprecedented Al supersaturation in single-phase rock salt structure VAlN films by Al+ subplantation

    Ingår i Journal of Applied Physics, 2017.

  • Baben, Moritz to; Hans, Marcus; Primetzhofer, Daniel; Evertz, Simon et al.

    Unprecedented thermal stability of inherently metastable titanium aluminum nitride by point defect engineering

    Ingår i MATERIALS RESEARCH LETTERS, s. 158-169, 2017.

  • Xing, Shan; Hou, Xiaolin; Aldahan, Ala; Possnert, Göran et al.

    Water Circulation and Marine Environment in the Antarctic Traced by Speciation of I-129 and I-127

    Ingår i Scientific Reports, 2017.

  • Ström, Petter; Petersson, Per; Rubel, Marek; Possnert, Göran et al.

    A combined segmented anode gas ionization chamber and time-of-flight detector for heavy ion elastic recoil detection analysis

    Ingår i Review of Scientific Instruments, 2016.

  • Inceoglu, F.; Knudsen, M. F.; Olsen, J.; Karoff, C. et al.

    A continuous ice-core Be-10 record from Mongolian mid-latitudes: Influences of solar variability and local climate

    Ingår i Earth and Planetary Science Letters, s. 47-56, 2016.

  • Tonkov, Spassimir; Possnert, Göran


    Ingår i Comptes Rendus de l'Academie Bulgare des Sciences / Proceedings of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, s. 327-336, 2016.

  • Czymzik, Markus; Adolphi, Florian; Muscheler, Raimund; Mekhaldi, Florian et al.

    A varved lake sediment record of the Be-10 solar activity proxy for the Lateglacial-Holocene transition

    Ingår i Quaternary Science Reviews, s. 31-39, 2016.

  • Persson, Anders; Salehpour, Mehran

    Comment on “Intracavity OptoGalvanic Spectroscopy Not Suitable for Ambient Level Radiocarbon Detection"

    Ingår i Analytical Chemistry, s. 4578-4579, 2016.

  • Tonkov, Spassimir; Possnert, Göran

    Contributions To The European Pollen Database 30. Peat bog Kumata-1, Vitosha Mountain (Bulgaria)

    Ingår i Grana, s. 250-252, 2016.

  • Hunold, Oliver; Chen, Yen-Ting; Music, Denis; Persson, Per O. A. et al.

    Correlative theoretical and experimental investigation of the formation of AIYB(14) and competing phases

    Ingår i Journal of Applied Physics, 2016.

  • Bergsaker, H.; Bykov, I.; Zhou, Y.; Petersson, P. et al.

    Deep deuterium retention and Be/W mixing at tungsten coated surfaces in the JET divertor

    Ingår i Physica Scripta, 2016.

  • Naqvi, S. Rabab; Possnert, Göran; Primetzhofer, Daniel

    Energy loss of slow Ne ions in Pt and Ag from TOF-MEIS and Monte-Carlo simulations

    Ingår i Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Section B, s. 76-80, 2016.

  • Shayestehaminzadeh, Seyedmohammad; Thorsteinsson, Einar B.; Primetzhofer, Daniel; Magnus, Fridrik et al.

    Epitaxial and textured TiN thin films grown on MgO(100) by reactive HiPIMS: the impact of charging on epitaxial to textured growth crossover

    Ingår i Journal of Physics D, 2016.

  • Chen, Xuegao; Liu, Xue; Yi, Peng; Aldahan, Ala et al.

    Estimation of I-129 inventory in the oceans

    Ingår i Journal of Radioanalytical and Nuclear Chemistry, s. 59-65, 2016.

  • Kriegner, Dominik; Furthmueller, Juergen; Kirchschlager, Raimund; Endres, Jan et al.

    Ferroelectric phase transitions in multiferroic Ge1-xMnxTe driven by local lattice distortions

    Ingår i PHYSICAL REVIEW B, 2016.

  • Ström, Petter; Petersson, Per; Rubel, Marek; Primetzhofer, Daniel et al.

    Ion beam analysis of tungsten layers in EUROFER model systems and carbon plasma facing components

    Ingår i PHYSICAL REVIEW B, s. 355-359, 2016.

  • Tonkov, Spassimir; Bozilova, Elissaveta; Possnert, Göran

    Lateglacial to Holocene vegetation development in the Central Rila Mountains, Bulgaria

    Ingår i The Holocene, s. 17-28, 2016.

  • Mardani, Shabnam; Norström, Hans; Gustavsson, Fredrik; Nyberg, Tomas et al.

    Massive Ta diffusion observed in Cu thin films but not in Ag counterparts

    Ingår i Journal of Vacuum Science & Technology B, 2016.