Department of Physics and Astronomy

Mechanical equipment


CAD-systemWe use PTC Creo, Solidworks and Bentleys Micro Station. Programs, exporting and importing most CAD formates e.g. .igs, .stp, .dxf.


We use GibbsCam which can import many CAD-formate .igs, .stp, .dxf, m.fl. 

Example of advanced milling / Solidimport / 2.5D solid processing.

Example of advanced milling / Solidimport/ 5-axlig positioning. 

CNC Machines


X630 mm Y500 mm Z500 mm
Spindelvarvtal 10000 varv/min
Styrsystem Heidenhain TNC 430


DMU 50TX500 mm Y380 mm Z380 mm
Spindelvarvtal 9000 varv/min
Manuellt tippbart och roterbart bord
Styrsystem Heidenhain MillPlus


DMU 60EX600 mm Y525 mm Z500 mm
Spindelvarvtal 12000 varv/min
4:e axel
Rundbord Hofmann, dubbhöjd 160 mm
Styrsystem Heidenhain TNC 426

DMU 70

DMU 70X750 mm Y600 mm Z520 mm
Spindelvarvtal 18000 varv/min
Styrsystem 3D-Control Heidenhain iTNC530 HSCI
för 5-axlig simultan bearbetning


DMU 80TX880 Y630 Z630 mm
Spindelvarvtal 12000 varv/min
Styrsystem Heidenhain TNC 530
för 5-axlig simultan bearbetning

Deckel FP42 NC

Deckel FP42 NCX1200 mm Y500 mm Z370 mm
Spindelvarvtal 3150 varv/min
Styrsystem Dialog 4

Gildemeister N.E.F 400

Gildemeister N.E.F 400Stysystem FANUC 21Ois
Sving över bädd 400 mm
Svarvbar längd 650 mm
X 220 mm, Z 700 mm
Stångkapacitet ø 52 mm
Spindelvarvtal 4000 r/min
8-läges VDI 30 revolver

Gildemeister N.E.F 500

Gildemeister N.E.F 500Stysystem Heidenhain Manual Plus 4410 Teach in
Sving över bädd 500 mm
Sving över planslid 285 mm
Dubbavstånd 1000 mm
Stångkapacitet ø 70 mm
Spindelvarvtal 2800 varv/min

Manual machines


Support lathe

  • Weiler Commondor
  • Weiler Praktikant
  • Weiler Matador 3 st.

Milling machine

  • Maho 500M

Sheet metal processing machines

  • Haco hydraulic metal cutting power shear TS 2006.
    Working length 2000 mm
  • Promecam press brake. Pressure capacity 50 ton.
    Working length 2000 mm.
  • Kasto metal cutting bandsaw SBL 280 U
  • Perris 350 MRP aluminum cutter



We perform TIG and MIG welding in the most materials, especially Stainless steel(UHV compatible).

LäcksökareVacuum details checked for leaks with helium leak detector . Pfeiffer Vacuum HLT 260.

Surface treatment

Washing facilities

YtbehandlingFor the cleaning of manufactured parts we have ultrasonic bath with rinsing step and drying oven. Finnsonic CR-150. Size 460x660x550 mm.


Blasting cabinet with glas or aluminum oxid as abrasive media.


Electropolishing of stainless steel.


Anodizing of aluminum, also staining.

Plastic coating

We use Rilsan®. Melting point / working temperature: 185°C/ +125°C.