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The European school on EXperiment, Theory and Evaluation of Nuclear Data (EXTEND) will be held during

29 August - 2 September, 2016

at Uppsala University, Sweden.

The school is organized with support from the EU-project CHANDA (CHAllenges in Nuclear DAta). The target group is young professionals such as PhD students and recently employed persons within industry or research.

Course content

The approach of the school will be "hands on" and problem-based in the sense that participants work in small groups (supported by a mentor) on specific nuclear reactions with the task to draft a proposal for an experiment.

Thus participants will have to find out about the motivation for studying a specific reaction, discuss what, where and how to measure, explore existing data and theoretical predictions, estimate count rates, etc.

The morning lectures will cover the following topics:

  • Introduction to nuclear data
  • Experimental facilities and methods, including target preparation
  • Application-oriented nuclear theory
  • Astrophysical aspects
  • Evaluation and validation
  • High-energy models
  • Data handling
  • Nuclear data needs

Afternoons will be spend on computer labs on nuclear theory and group work/tutorials to write up a proposal with further discussion with the teachers and mentors.

Preliminary schedule is available here.
General information (sent by email to all participants on June 28, 2016) available here.



The course is sponsored by CHANDA which reduces the course participation fee to 100 Euros (payment information here). Besides lectures, this includes:

  • Reception on Monday evening, August 29
  • Five lunches and summer school dinner

The participants will have to make their own travel arrangements to and from Uppsala. We have reserved a number of rooms in Uppsala for the participants. Note, however, that accommodation is not include in the fee.

How to apply (closed)

To apply please send a short CV (1-2 pages), including work address and contact information, plus a brief description (max 200 words) of your current work by email to

Applications closed, all confirmed participants have been notified.

Important dates

  • June 30 - Deadline for course fee payment
  • Lectures and tutorials start August 29 at 8:30 and end on September 2 at 16:30
  • Suggested travel days: Sunday, August 28 and, in case you do not plan for an extended stay in the nice surrounding, Saturday, September 3)


Previous editions of European school on EXperiment, Theory and Evaluation of Nuclear Data (EXTEND) were held in Budapest, Hungary, in 2008 and 2012. The school is a result of the EU FP6-project CANDIDE, with the goal of providing a practical course in nuclear data for young professionals within industry and academia. The 2012 edition was supported by the FP7 EU project ANDES (Accurate Nuclear Data for nuclear Energy Sustainability).

Summer schools in nuclear engineering (e.g., the FREDERIC JOLIOT - OTTO HAHN SUMMER SCHOOL, and, previously, the EUGENE WIGNER SCHOOL) are regularly organized, and there are relatively frequent summer schools on fundamental nuclear physics. Up to now, however, there are few initiatives to bridge these two communities with a nuclear data school. EXTEND is aiming at bridging this gap.

The pedagogic approach of EXTEND is different compared to traditional summer schools. Instead of an intense series of lectures we focus on an interactive learning experience.

The course provides a meeting place for young professionals in corporate industry, research centres and academic research, aiming at fostering improved connections between these types of organizations.