Department of Physics and Astronomy


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Former Co-workers at the Division of Materials Physics

  • Ahlberg, Martina (PhD student)
  • Arnalds, Unnar (PhD student)
  • Baben, Moritz to
  • Björck, Matts (PhD student, assistant prof.)
  • Bran, Cristina (postdoc)
  • Gavel, Alvin
  • Ingason, Arni (guest researcher)
  • Korelis, Panagiotis (PhD student)
  • Kuhns, Peter
  • Moubah, Reda (postdoc)
  • Papaioannou, Evangelos (postdoc/researcher)
  • Shreef Qazi, Shahzada Junaid (PhD student)
  • Vasquez, Fabian
  • Zamani, Atieh (PhD student)