Department of Physics and Astronomy



We are primarily interested in the mechanisms and properties of unconventional and topological superconductors. We mostly use generic low-energy effective models to study the properties of the superconducting state in many different novel materials. One of our main current interests is topological superconductors with Majorana fermions. Approximately one can say that a Majorana fermion is half an electron, or more accurately, in a system with Majorana fermions the wave function of an electron has split up into two separate parts. This non-local property can be used for exceptionally fault-tolerant quantum computing and these materials have lately generated an immense amount of attention. We are also interested in unconventional superconductivity in honeycomb-like materials, such as graphene, which are also prone to host topological superconductivity. Furthermore, we also currently study odd-frequency superconductivity, especially in spin-orbit coupled materials and multiband superconductors.

Our work is supported by external grants from the Swedish Research Council, the Wallenberg Academy Fellows program, the Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research, the Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation, the Wenner-Gren Foundations, and the Carl Trygger Foundation.


Dr. Annica Black-Schaffer

Lucia Komendova

Dushko Kuzmanovski

Adrien Bouhon

Kristofer Björnson

Tomas Löthman

Johann Schmidt

Oladunjoye Awoga