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Master Program in Theoretical Physics

Uppsala University provides a master program in Theoretical Physics with specialization in Quantum Field Theory and String theory. Our master program offers students high class education in theoretical physics with all the subjects being taught by scientist actively involved in modern research in different areas of theoretical physics. Our program will give you opportunity to work with leading researchers and specialize in topics varying from mathematical aspects of quantum field theories to the physics of proteins.


Below you can find list of courses relevant to master program in physics and highly recommended to everyone who is interested in the subject. On the links below you can find detailed syllabus of the courses with the links to the course page on Student Portal.

First year of master program

Second year of master program

Degree Project in Theoretical Physics

The Master Program in physics also includes mandatory 30hp Degree Project. Working on Degree Project in our Division you will have opportunity to work with active high-class researchers on the topics related to one of the research areas of our division. If you are interested in completing Degree Project in our Division you can look through available topics of the projects and list of completed master theses. Of course you are not forced to choose among available projects only. Instead you can always contact any member of our Division and propose your own project or ask for some project related to the topic you are interested in.

Formal Aspects

  • In order to be admitted to Master Program student should have Bachelor's degree including 75 ECTS in physics and be proficient in English
  • Master Program usually takes two full years of education
  • Master Degree in physics is obtained after student has completed course requirements of 120 higher education credits (hp). This 120hp should include at least 60hp obtained in advanced level courses.
  • Two year long Master Program also includes 30hp degree project, which should be done under supervision of one of our division members

More detailed information about formal issues of Uppsala University Master Program in Physics can be found in programme syllabus.


If you are interested in our Master Program you can find all the details and apply for the program following the link below



Andreas J. Korn
Programme director, Master Programme in Physics
+46 18-471 5991
Room: 63120


Second year Master Students are recommended to attend our seminars, where they can learn about front end research in theoretical physics. There is also more pedagogical Journal Club is held in our Division. There PhD students and Postdocs discuss classical and review papers on the topics related to their research. Active participation (i.e. attending and making talks) in Journal Club is counted as reading course.