Conformal Data of Fundamental Gauge-Yukawa Theories


Authors: Nicola Andrea Dondi, Vladimir Prochazka, Francesco Sannino

Preprint Number: UUITP-49/17

We determine central charges, critical exponents and appropriate gradient flow relations for nonsupersymmetric vector-like and chiral Gauge-Yukawa theories that are fundamental according to Wilson and that feature calculable UV or IR interacting fixed points. We further uncover relations and identities among the various local and global conformal data. This information is used to provide the first extensive characterisation of general classes of free and safe quantum field theories of either chiral or vector-like nature via their conformal data. Using large Nf techniques we also provide examples in which the safe fixed point is nonperturbative but for which conformal perturbation theory can be used to determine the global variation of the a central charge.