AdS3 solutions with exceptional supersymmetry


Authors: Giuseppe Dibitetto, Gabriele Lo Monaco, Achilleas Passias, Nicolò Petri, Alessandro Tomasiello

Preprint number:  UUITP-29/18

Abstract:  Among the possible superalgebras that contain the AdS3 isometries, two interesting possibilities are the exceptional F(4) and G(3). Their R-symmetry is respectively SO(7) and G2, and the amount of supersymmetry N= 8 and N= 7. We find that there exist two (locally) unique solutions in type IIA supergravity that realize these superalgebras, and we provide their analytic expressions. In both cases, the internal space is obtained by a round six-sphere fibred over an interval, with an O8-plane at one end. The R-symmetry is the symmetry group of the sphere; in the G(3) case, it is broken to G2 by fluxes. We also find several numerical N= 1 solutions with G2 flavor symmetry, with various localized sources, including O2-planes and O8-planes.