Department Gender Equality group

The group currently consists of:


"Utlysning av medel för IFAs jämställdhetsfrämjande satsning 2013"

The call is found here.

Deadline for applications: 2012-12-31.

The linked texts are in English. If you need help understanding you may, e.g., contact the gender equality group.

The Gender Equality plan for 2010 is available here.

Useful links:

Faculty of Science and Technology
Gender Equality commitee
and plan [Swedish]

Uppsala University Gender Equality commitee and plan [Swedish]

Sexual Harassment

The Gender Equality law defines sexual harassment as:

Sexual harassment means such unwanted conduct based on sex or unwanted conduct of a sexual nature, that violates the integrity of the employee at work

Med sexuella trakasserier avses sådant ovälkommet uppträdande grundat på kön eller ovälkommet uppträdande av sexuell natur som kränker arbetstagarens integritet i arbetet

Sexual harassment can be reported to:

More information can be found in the University's Plan of Action for the prevention of gender-based violation (Handlingsprogram mot kränkning på grund av kön), which is available in Swedish and English.

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