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For security reasons, the following basic rules have to be followed before connecting computer equipment to the wired network at IFA and TSL:

* Nothing may be connected to the wired network without informing, or by phone:

Alen Jadadic, phone +46 18 471 3053
Anders Sjödin, phone +46 18 471 5980
Teresa Kupsc, phone +46 18 471 3109

* All machines have to be known by name of computer, user and MAC address.
NOTE: machines without known MAC addresses will not obtain a valid IP-number
and thus will not have wired internet connectivity.

* All machines have to be patched and have antivirus software with updated virus definitions. It is not allowed to connect infected machines to the network.

* Use DHCP to obtain an IP number when connecting to the wired network at IFA and TSL.

* Guests are asked to announce their arrival approximately one week in advance to and describe needs pertaining to computer network services, including e.g. VPN.

* All users are to follow the Policy on computer operations at IFA and TSL which can be viewed at: