Introduktionskurs för nya doktorander

Aim: The course will give you as new PhD student an introduction to PhD studies and research in general,
and to the research at your respective campus (Ångström, BMC or ITC) in particular.
This will give you improved opportunities to benefit from your local research environment.

When: Weeks 34-35, 2013

Target group: New PhD students from all the departments at the Ångström, BMC and ITC.

Contact person: Olle Björneholm (, phone 3618)

Registration: Register by just sending an email to

More information:

Credits: 2 ECTS credits (requires 80% active attendance + project)

Preliminary schedule autumn 2013
Please note that unless explicitly indicated, lectures start 15 minutes past the hour, and finish on the hour. "9-10" thus means that the lecture starts at 9.15, and ends at 10.00. All lectures take place at the Ångström laboratory

9-10 Welcome and Introduction (Björneholm)

10-12 Philosophy of Science 1 (Johansson)

9-10 How (not) to do PhD studies 1 (Björneholm)

 Philosophy of Science 2 (Johansson)

21/8 80101
9-10 How (not) to do PhD studies 2 (Björneholm)

10-12 Science vs Pseudoscience (Pomp)

22/8 80101
9-10 Innovation support at UU (Browning)

10-11 Life as a PhD in industry (?)

23/8 80101
9-10 Life as a researcher (Danielsson)
10-11 Library Services/Finding Scientific Literature (Haak)
11-12 Science popularization possibilities (Løe)

26/8 80101
13-15 Presentation technique (Axelsson)

27/8 4101
13-14 Structure of PhD studies (Eklöv)

14-15 Rights and Obligations (TNDR)

15-16 Employment conditions (Ringård)

28/8 80101
13-14 Biology (Kirsebom) (Sectionwise research presentation)
14-15 Engineering sciences (Olsson) (Sectionwise research presentation)
15-16 Physics (Björneholm) (Sectionwise research presentation)

29/8 80101
9-10 Chemistry (Hagfeldt) (Sectionwise research presentation)
10-11 Mathematics/IT (Sectionwise research presentation)
11-12 Geosciences (Gudmundsson) (Sectionwise research presentation)


9-12 Student project presentations 80121+80127
13-16 Student project presentations 80121+80127

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Science and pseudoscience 2011.pdf2.41 MB
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The six parts of rhetoric.pdf181.52 kB
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