Applied nuclear physics

Applied nuclear physics is about exploring and utilizing the properties of atomic nuclei. This is a wide field, with examples of applications ranging from energy production, as in nuclear power plants, to measurements of extremely small amounts of different isotopes, e.g. for carbon dating.

The division of Applied Nuclear Physics at Uppsala University performs research in such applications, within four research groups. This is one of the larger divisions within the Department of physics and astronomy, with around 60 researchers and PhD students. Also located within our division is NANSS, a unit for contract education in nuclear safety and security.

The nuclear reactions group
is involved in fundamental research about nuclear reactions for applications like cancer therapy or transmutation of nuclear waste.
The ion physics group
is studying the interaction of high velocity ions in various materials, with applications ranging from archeology and medicine to the ageing of materials in nuclear reactors.
The nuclear fuel diagnostics and safeguards group
works with measurements regarding the safety and security around nuclear power. The activities within the group are focused on encapsulation of spent nuclear fuel, the future needs of nuclear power plants, and nuclear safeguards and non-proliferation issues.
The fusion diagnostics group
is developing new diagnostics for fusion reactions at research facilities studying fusion as a possible future energy source.
Nordic Academy for Nuclear Safety and Security is an interdisciplinary competence platform based upon researchers and teachers from several universities, experts from regulators and from the industry. More information on the NANSS pages.

Our division is also involved in information and education. We have Sweden's only bachelor programme in nuclear engineering (in Swedish only), and we are also providing contract education in nuclear technology. In addition, we inform the general public through popular presentations of our research, open lectures, and events.

The Division of applied nuclear physics has an extensive network of national and international collaborations. They can all be found on the page listing collaborations and financial backers.

Within the Department of Physics and Astronomy there is one more division involved in nuclear physics: the Division of nuclear physics with research groups in hadron physics and nuclear structure. Information about their research, concerning the strong interaction, can be found on their own web pages.

Here are two documents with short descriptions of the activities:

Applied nuclear physics for everyone

Would you like to understand a little bit about the research at the Division of applied nuclear physics? Here is a collection of popular and introductory material:

Applied nuclear physics for everyone

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