About the Department

The department of Physics and Astronomy has three main assignments; education, research and collaboration with school and society.

Equal Opportunities

The Department of Physics and Astronomy regards the promotion and extension of equal opportunities as an important aspect regarding research and teaching. Therefore, all employees and students shall be treated with respect and given the opportunity to work and study on equal terms, free from discrimination.

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Study environment

Physics students study at Ångström Laboratory, that is situated within the campus area Polacksbacken. The Ångström Laboratory is one of Europe's most advanced laboratories for research and education in technology, materials and energy. The research is well known international and the research areas include atomic design of functional materials for applications such as electronics, solar cells, batteries and sensors. Here you will also find Scandinavia's largest cleanroom.

The Ångström Laboratory is situated 10 minutes by bike from the city centre and here you will study together with chemistry, mathematics and civil engineering students.

Students at the Ångström laboratory
Last modified: 2022-08-15