Doctoral Conferment Ceremony spring 2022

The Doctoral Conferment Ceremony spring 2022 took place on May 25. At the Department of Physics and Astronomy nine PhDs was conferred. During the ceremony fourteen Jubilee Doctors connected to the Department of Physics and Astronomy were also conferred. Promoter was Joachim Parrow.

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Geethanjali Gopakumar, X-ray Photon Science
Thesis: An X-Ray Based Spectroscopic Study of Structure Influencing Electrons. Fragmentation, Ultrafast Charge Dynamics, and Surface Composition.

Fredrik Johansson, X-ray Photon Science
Thesis: Core-Hole Clock Spectroscopy using Hard X-rays

Karim-Alexandros Kantre, Applied Nuclear Physics
Thesis: Materials Analysis using MeV-Ions. Fundamental Challenges and in situ Applications.

Ludvig Kjellsson, X-ray Photon Science
Thesis: Röntgenspektroskopi på diatomära och katjoniska molekyler

Ida Källquist, X-ray Photon Science
Thesis: Combining Electrochemistry and Photoelectron Spectroscopy for the Study of Li-Ion Batteries

Svenja Lohman, Applied Nuclear Physics
Thesis: Beyond Scattering – What More can be Learned from Pulsed keV Ion Beams?

Clara-Magdalena Saak, Molecular and Condensed Matter Physics
Thesis: Molecular Interaction in Aqueous Solutions. Effects of Temperature and Solutes on Surface Structure and Hydrogen Bonding in Water.

Sebastian Svanström, X-ray Photon Science
Thesis: The Life and Death of Perovskites. Interfacial Function and Degradation of Lead Halide Perovskites Studied by Photoelectron Spectroscopy

Viktor Thorén, Nuclear Physics
Thesis: Hadron Physics in a Polarized World

Jubilee Doctors

Lennart Boström
Thesis: Hyperfine Interactions and Nuclear Properties Studied by Gamma-Gamma Angular Correlations

Jan Bromander
Thesis: Highly Ionized Atoms and Beam-Foil Spectroscopy

Tord Ekelöf
Thesis: Coherent Scattering of Pi Mesons from Helium at High Energies

Birger Fogelberg
Thesis: Low Energy Properties of Nuclei Studied by Means of Conversion Electron and Gamma-Ray spectroscopy

Jan E. Hedman
Thesis: ESCA studies of Electron Levels and Bands in Atoms, Molecules, and Solids

Sören Högberg
Thesis: High Precision Studies of Internal Conversion and X-Ray Excited Electron Spectra

Gunilla Johansson
Thesis: Chemical Bonding and Electronic Structure of Molecules and Solids Studied by ESCA

Sven Kullander
Thesis: High-Energy Hadron–Nucleus Scattering and Associated Instumentation Problems

Nicolas J. Martinic
Thesis: Solar Modulation of Galactic Particles. Numerical Integration of the Steady Fokker–Planck Equation.

Harold V. McIntosh
Thesis: Computational and Group Theoretical Methods Applied to the Solution of Quantum Mechanical Wave Equations

Kurt Sköld
Thesis: Studies of the Atomic Motion in Liquid Argon, the Diffusion of Hydrogen in Metals and the Molecular Reorientation in Plastic Crystals by Inelastic Neutron Scattering

Jörgen Tegenfeldt
Thesis: A Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Study of Some Hydrogen Bounded Solids

Björn Wannberg
Thesis: Particle Optics with Applications in Atomic-Beam Spectroscopy

Staffan Yngve
Thesis: Investigations Related to Higher-Order Phase-Integral Approximations of the Normalization of Wavefunctions and of the Asymptotic Behavior of Confluent Hypergeometric Functions in the Complex Plane

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