Advisory Committee of the Department of Physics and Astronomy

  • Richard Brenner, Head of Department, Convener and Chairman
  • Lisa Freyhult, Deputy Head of Department
  • Eric Stempels, Head of Division Astronomy and Space Physics
  • Maja Olvegård, Head of Division FREIA
  • Rikard Enberg, Head of Division High Energy Physics
  • Gabriella Andersson, Head of Division Materials Physics
  • Biplab Sanyal, Head of Division Materials Theory
  • Johan Nyberg, Head of Division Nuclear Physics
  • Bor Gregorcic, Head of Division Physics Education Research
  • Maxim Zabzine, Head of Division Theoretical Physics
  • Elin Hellbeck, Head of Division TSL
  • Andreas Lindblad, Head of Division X-ray Photon Science
  • Johan Söderström, Head of Division Ångström Workshop
  • Göran Ericsson, Deputy Head of Division Applied Nuclear Physics, Director of Studies PhD Education
  • Lisa Freyhult, Director of Studies Bachelor Programme
  • Andreas Solders, Director of Studies Bachelor Programme
  • Johan Larsson, Director of Studies preparatory year
  • Carolina Wallström-Pan, Administrative Manager
  • Nanny Strandqvist, PhD Student
  • Elin Berggren, PhD Student
  • Vacant, PhD Student
  • Alan Aliyali, Undergraduate Student
  • Vacant, Undergraduate Student

Rights of Attendance

Additional Board Members​

  • Karin Schönning, Teacher/Researcher
  • Rebeca Gonzalez Suarez, Teacher/Researcher
  • ​Oscar Grånäs, Teacher/Researcher
  • Camilla Thulin, Technical/Administrative Staff
  • Daniel Primetzhofer, Teacher/Researcher​
  • Biplab Sanyal, Teacher/Researcher​
  • Malin Rick Folkegård, Technical/Administrative Staff

Union Representatives

The Advisory Committee is regulated by Arbetsordning för institutionen för fysik och astronomi(in Swedish).

Last modified: 2023-01-24