Equal opportunities

Equal opportunities are a matter of rights for the individual and quality for the University. An equal opportunities perspective must be mainstreamed in all parts of the organisation and the University’s study and work environments must be characterised by openness och respect.

The above paragraph can be found in Uppsala University: Mission, Goals and Strategies.

Committee for Equal Opportunities

The Faculty is responsible, through its Equal Opportunities Committee, for the coordination, support and follow-up of the Faculty’s work with equal opportunity issues. However, the main work takes place at department level and every department has a Equal Opportunities Representative and a working group. 

The Faculty also has two Study counsellors with special responsibility for Equal Opportunities who are responsible for coordinating support for students with special needs. 

Activities Equal Opportunities

Financial Support

Throughout the last years, the department has been distributing around 2 million SEK per year to individual employees in order to improve the equal opportunity situation at the department.

​Report discrimination

All employees and students shall be treated with respect and given the opportunity to work and study on equal terms, free from discrimination, based on the seven grounds of discrimination according to the Discrimination Act (2008:567):

  • sex
  • transgender identity or expression
  • ethnicity
  • religion or other belief
  • disability
  • sexual orientation
  • age


Any discrimination or sexual harassment can be reported by employees or students to:

More information can be found in Uppsala University's Guidelines for Dealing with Cases of Harassment under the Discrimination Act.

Members in Equal Opportunities' group



Last modified: 2023-10-20