Astronomy day and night at the Old Observatory 2019

  • Date: –22:00
  • Location: Observatorieparken
  • Lecturer: Astronomers Ulrike Heiter, Andreas Korn, Terese Olander, Eric Stempels and Bengt Edvardsson.
  • Contact person: Eric Stempels
  • Temadag

Within the frame of this year's Astronomy Day and night, the astronomers will have open doors at the old observatory in the Observatory Park. This year's theme is 'Counting stars', which couples to both professional research and to exciting nights under starry skies. Come and discuss astronomy, or learn more about the the old telescopes, the historical building and, if weather allows, observe the surface of sun through a dedicated solar telescope. In the evening there will also be telescope shows of the night sky.

kl 11.00-15.00 – Image shows and tours of the observatory and telescopes in the Observatory park

kl 13.00-15.00 – Weather allowing, observations of the sun with a solar telescope.

kl 20.00-22.00 – In case of clear skies, stargazing with the historical telescopes of the old observatory.


Astronomy day and night at the Old Observatory 2019