Seminar: Fantastic Beasts (& Where to Find Them): Superluminous Supernovae from Pan-STARRS and PTF

  • Date: –15:00
  • Location: Cyberspace
  • Lecturer: Ragnhild Lunnan, Stockholm University
  • Contact person: Sofia Ramstedt
  • Seminarium

Wide-field optical time-domain surveys provide an opportunity to discover and decipher new types of cosmic explosions. One such discovery in the past decade is the class of "superluminous" supernovae (SLSNe), which have bolometric luminosities 10-100 times those of normal core-collapse and Type Ia SN, and are preferentially found in low-metallicity and highly star-forming dwarf galaxies. These SLSNe represent a challenge both to our understanding of the deaths of the most massive stars, of star formation and stellar evolution in low-metallicity environments, and of the physics of powering the optical emission in supernovae. In this talk, I will present results from the Pan-STARRS Medium Deep Survey and the Palomar Transient Factory, addressing the nature of SLSNe from two angles: 1) characterizing the explosions themselves and comparing the observed properties to model predictions, and 2) constraining the progenitor population through a comprehensive study of SLSN host galaxy environments.


We will run with the following setup:
- The zoom meeting will open at 13.45 so that you can log on and try it out.
- Participants should mute their microphones unless they have a question.
- Questions are allowed during the talk. Just raise your hand in the zoom app.
- After the talk has finished, unmute for applause.
- If possible, keep your video on during the full seminar so that the speaker gets visual feedback while talking.
- Questions after the talk will be administered like last time; raise your hand in the app and Sofia will chair and give the word.

- Finally, after the talk and question sessions are finished, the meeting will remain open for an informal ”bring-your-own-fika” if you want to hang around and chat with your colleagues and the speaker.