Seminar: An interest in change: in-situ analytical approaches in ion-beam based materials science

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  • Lecturer: Daniel Primetzhofer
  • Contact person: Annica Black-Schaffer
  • Seminarium

For many material systems, the change of their properties under certain external conditions, such as high temperature or gas exposure are highly relevant for both understanding their physical properties, but also for material synthesis and technological applications. Ion beams, are excellent tools to study composition and structure under such transformations, as the nature of their interaction with matter is commonly not influenced by the ongoing processes, and the ions in turn do not influence the materials themselves. Thus, highly quantitative information can be obtained. In this contribution, I would like to present both relevant instrumentation at the tandem laboratory and experiments performed in the ion physics research group demonstrating in-situ and in-operando studies, with a focus on energy materials.

Some references:

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