Inauguration of a new EPS Historical Site

  • Date: –12:30
  • Location: Engelska parken
  • Website
  • Organiser: Organized by the National Physical Societies in the Nordic countries and hosted by the Department of Physics and Astronomy at Uppsala University
  • Contact person: Carla Puglia
  • Kulturevenemang

An EPS historical Site will be inaugurated as part of the Nordic Physics Days arranged 4-6 August 2021.

The nominated site used to host the laboratory of Anders Jonas Ångström (1814 – 1874) who made significant contributions to several areas of physics, but is most known as one of the founders of optical spectroscopy. He introduced a unit for electromagnetic wavelength, equivalent to 0.1 nanometres, which later was adopted as an international standard under the name Ångström.