Seminar: Electronic interactions of slow ions with matter

  • Date:
  • Location: Zoom: Å80127
  • Lecturer: Radek Holenak
  • Contact person: Annica Black-Schaffer
  • Seminarium

Understanding ion-materials interaction is decisive for many applications in our high-tech society ranging from sputter deposition over ion implantation to hadrontherapy. While for high primary energies, the underlying physics is comparably simple, for slow ions the interaction becomes far more complex. Already Fermi & Teller predicted effects of the electronic structure of a material on the expected energy deposition of slow particles, it took a lot of effort to experimentally observe such phenomena. In recent years experiments - several of them conducted by our group - showed, that the state-of the art theoretical description of energy deposition is applicable only to a very limited number of systems. We could show, that the role of dynamic processes not accounted for in any of the established models is pronounced for all ions but protons. In this talk, we will provide a brief introduction in the timeline of studying electronic excitations of slow ions and present novel experiments from which we aim on being capable of correlating energy deposition with interactions with specific atoms in the materials and associated phenomena such as electron or photon emission which happen on ultrashort timescales. Our experiments are also designed to provide benchmark data for dynamic approaches in modelling such as time-dependent density functional theory.