Education in physics and astronomy

Education in physics at Uppsala University range from the minute to the immense with research in all fields of physics from elementary particles to the properties of the universe.

Study environment

Physics students study at Ångström Laboratory, that is situated within the campus area Polacksbacken. The Ångström Laboratory is one of Europe's most advanced laboratories for research and education in technology, materials and energy. The research is well known international and the research areas include atomic design of functional materials for applications such as electronics, solar cells, batteries and sensors. Here you will also find Scandinavia's largest cleanroom.

The Ångström Laboratory is situated 10 minutes by bike from the city centre and here you will study together with chemistry, mathematics and civil engineering students.

Students at the Ångström laboratory

Student Unions and Student Nations

There are four student unions at Uppsala University and as a physics student you belong to Uppsala Union of Engineering and Science Students. The unions are created and driven by students and works for the interests of Uppsala University students. They deal with issues concerning education, health and welfare, equality, internationalisation, housing and economy. The unions also play a very important social role on campus and help to organise the orientation programme that welcomes all new students to Uppsala University.

As a student at Uppsala University you can become a member of the student nations, which is one of the most integral parts of student life in Uppsala. There are thirteen different student nations and they are responsible for arranging activities and events and they provide a space for students to socialise outside the classroom. All the nations are dating back to the 17th century and only students can become members.

More about student life

Study abroad

Study abroad for one or two semesters and get the opportunity to broaden your experience. You will get to know another culture in-depth and improve your language skills. You will grow as a person and are guaranteed a valuable and memorable experience that you will keep with you for the rest of your life.

Study abroad


Postgraduate studies


The Faculty of Science and Technology holds the overall supervisory responsibility for postgraduate training. The postgraduate training provides the proficiency and experience necessary for carrying out independent research, over and above the specifications stipulated for basic and advanced level university education.

After graduating you will be well prepared and qualified for a position at the best universities, nationally and internationally, in industry, public agencies, and society in general.

PhD studies
PhD Ombudsman

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