Master's Programmes

Master's Programme in Materials Science

Materials science is the basis for innovations and triumphs in many fields, from medicine to technology and society. Today's challenges in the energy sector, as well as availability of raw materials, place bigger demands on the development of both materials and techniques. The Master's Programme in Materials Science prepares you with broad knowledge of the role of materials science in society in combination with cutting-edge knowledge of materials' structure and properties, from a sustainability perspective.

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Master's Programme in Biophysics

The Master's Programme in Biophysics is an interdisciplinary program at the intersection between physics and biology, and provides a basis on how to understand complex biological systems at the molecular level using fundamental physics concepts and methods. This cross-disciplinary effort spans over four departments at Uppsala University, across physics, biology, chemistry and engineering, who run research focused on unraveling structure and dynamics of biological systems and offer Master research projects.

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Master's Programme in Quantum Technology

The Master's Programme in Quantum Technology will prepare you to be a part of the new quantum revolution. You will develop expertise in quantum phenomena and how they are used in the most recent technologies based on optical, electronic and magnetic phenomena. Uppsala University offers you an international environment with leading experts, cutting-edge research, and contacts with the industry.

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Last modified: 2022-11-29