Career for Teknat students

Regardless of whether you already know exactly what you want to work with or have not given it much thought, it is a good idea to start finding out as early as possible what various opportunities the job market can offer. You can discover interesting employers and new, sometimes far from self-evident, work assignments and career paths for people with your education. These discoveries may wind up guiding your selection of courses and perhaps your choice of where to apply to for an internship, a summer job, or to write your degree project.

Our study counsellors also counsel you regarding your career. They are all responsible for various programmes/subjects and are therefore experts on your particular programme/subject of study.

How to plan your career

Starting your studies is the first step towards your career. What brought you here? Start setting your goals and sub-goals: What do you want to achieve with your studies, and where do you want to go afterwards? Do you know how to get there? If you write down your goals, you can review them during the course of your studies.

It´s a good idea to join the Uppsala Union of Engineering and Science Students. They support student interests in different matters concerning education with the aim of making your study experience in Uppsala as good as possible. If your programme has a section, it’s also a good way to find new friends.

In the middle of your studies

By now, you’ve probably passed some of your milestones. Don’t forget to continuously evaluate and reflect on your results. Whether the goal has been fulfilled or not, it provides an important lesson for the future, helping you realize when it’s time to change strategy or when you’ve found that perfect path to follow.

Consider the following: What did you like in the last course? Is this a subject in which you’d like to continue immersing yourself? Or do you want to go in another direction? Think long term: how will this affect what you want to do in 5 years? Also consider the short term: how will this affect you next semester?

At the end of your studies

Completing your university studies means you’ve made it to the final milestone. What should you aim for now? What are your next goals and objectives? As you’re coming to the end of your studies, you should have a plan for the transition from university to professional life. Check out tips for job seekers.

Links to Tips for job seekers:


Your social network is a great resource for career planning. Through the network, you can get to know people who might offer you the job that you want. Your former classmates may be engaged in exciting projects that need extra help to be able to continue. Or why not contact the friend who pursued a different program which, now that you think about it, may be just your thing... The people in your network can provide advice and guide you to the right job for you.

Besides your social network, there are many different types of formal networks and associations to check out. Remember that you’re making contacts and building relationships all the time. Get help from the Alumni Chapters, and join it when you graduate!

Join the Alumni Network

Last modified: 2022-03-21