Joint Master Programme in Materials Physics with University Pierre et Marie Curie (Paris, France) and University of Antwerp (Belgium)

Are you enrolled as student in the Master Programme in Materials Physics at UU? Would you like to get a double or triple master degree at two other very renowned universities in Europe? Then you can join the Master Programme Nanomat, which will give you the possibility to visit and study at the University of Marie and Pierre Curie, Sorbonne (UPMC Paris, France) and the University of Antwerp (UA, Belgium).


UPMC (France), UA (Belgium) and Uppsala University (UU) have established a collaboration for a multiple master degree programme in nanophysics and materials science leading simultaneously to the degree of 'Master of Science in Physics' at UA, and/or the degree of 'Master of Science' at UU and/or the degree of 'Master Physique et Applications' at UPMC.

Nanomat master program gives the basis required for a scientific career in the emerging domains of new materials and nano-sciences by a unique international experience. This program will increase your employment possibilities within research and development departments at companies and organisations.

Student activities within Nanomat

The students will have the opportunity to attend courses and develop research projects receiving full credits at UU, UA and UPMC.

About UPMC, Sorbonne – Paris
Universitet Pierre et Marie Curie (UPMC, Sorbonne – Paris, France) is one of the largest universities teaching science and medicine in France and in Europe. UPMC has outstanding facilities for fundamental research, 4000 researchers and teaching academics, 180 laboratories, and some 30 000 students including 8000 in postgraduate studies. Supervising students is the core of the Master system guaranteeing the quality of the education. The Master’s degree in Physics & Applications offers about 500 students/year a wide range of courses and training for the thesis work, in research or industry laboratories.

About University of Antwerp
University of Antwerp is the third largest university in the Flemish Region of Belgium. It covers all academic disciplines. Its Faculty of Science is the third largest of the region. The Department of Physics is one of the most scientifically known departments of the Faculty, with immense expertise in mathematical physics, computational physics and electron microscopy and spectroscopy. This department has been organizing in the past a one-year master-after-master program in nanophysics (since 2001, with more than 70 graduates), which is now integrated in the present Nanomat effort. The staff of the Faculty of Science and particularly of the Department of Physics, are active and well recognized researchers.

The call

For joining Nanomat, you should be enrolled as a regular student of the Master Programme in Materials Physics at the Department of Physics and Astronomy at UU. For the enrolment and registration to the Nanomat program you need to send a letter of motivation to the local Nanomat coordinator, Carla Puglia ( and to the departmental master coordinator Andreas Korn ( The accepted students will have the opportunity to study abroad, at UPMC (in Paris, France) or at UA (Belgium) for a period of one or two full academic semesters from spring 2018. Look at the structure of the program at: NANOMAT Master – Instituto de Nanociencia y Materiales de Aragón (

Please note that you could join Nanomat even if you are a second-year master student in Materials Science. In this case contact Carla Puglia for checking and modifying your study plan. The mobility of the students can be supported by Erasmus+ scholarship.

Application deadline

Are you interested in joining Nanomat? Send a brief letter of motivation to Carla Puglia ( and to Andreas Korn (

Application deadline for students already enrolled at UU, is on 20 September for joining the programme in the fall or spring term and on 15 February for admission in the fall term. Decision will be announced by the beginning of October and by the end of February, respectively.


Please note that after the acceptance to Nanomat programme, you will need to apply for the Erasmus+ exchange scholarship for the term you plan to study abroad, in Paris or in Antwerp. Contact the Erasmus coordinator Dimitri Arvanitis, for the application procedure and deadline.

Last modified: 2023-04-20