Soft X-ray Laser

The Soft X-ray Laser (SXL) beam line at the MAX Laboratory will enable ground breaking scientific discoveries and understanding in many important fields such as atomic and molecular science, chemistry, condensed matter physics, and life science. These opportunities are created by the intense, ultrashort and coherent soft X-ray pulses generated by the SXL together with unique pumping options, detection schemes and imaging possibilities. A specific asset of the soft X-ray spectral region is that it provides access to many important absorption edges (e.g. C, N, O, and 3d transition metals) and thus permits the use of powerful spectroscopic and coherent techniques in a time-resolved manner. In combination with pump pulses covering the full spectral range from THz to soft X-rays, not accessible at any existing Free Electron Laser (FEL), and with potential for attosecond temporal resolution, new exciting pump-probe studies can be performed which addresses several meaningful scientific questions.