Master Programme in Materials Theory

What is materials theory?

Materials theory is a research field where the focus lies on modeling, predicting, and designing materials we encounter in our daily life. It is rooted in physics, chemistry, mathematics, and more and more even in biology.

Examples of topics discussed within materials theory are “Can we design a material being able to detect DNA sequences?”, “What is the optimal materials combination for solar energy converters?”, “How fast can a material react on light impact?”.

Why study materials theory at Uppsala University?

Uppsala university is well-known internationally and most Nobel laureates give a lecture at Uppsala University in connection with the prize ceremony. Student traditions are today still celebrated as they have been done for at least the last 100 years.

For more information please look into our Master Programme Brochure.


The master programme in physics with specialization towards materials theory provides you with a first-class education within the field of materials theory.
Many of your teachers are an active member of one of the world largest research groups within materials theory, the materials theory group at the department of physics and astronomy at Uppsala University.

The possibilities for you to specialize within materials theory range from many particle physics via density functional theory to macroscopic modelling with applications ranging from basic research to industry relevant research.

We offer you from your first day a stimulating environment.


The Master degree in physics with specialization in materials theory is obtained after the student has completed course requirements of 120 higher education credits (hp).
The sum of 120 hp has to include:
– at least 60 hp have to be advanced courses in physics including the obligatory 30 hp master thesis within materials theory and the obligatory 5 hp course ‘Introductory course’
– not more than 30 hp courses on elementary level
Here you find the programme's syllabus.

The course plan shown above in the figure is an example of a possible study plan. But you are encouraged to create your own study plan. Below follows a list of courses we regard highly relevant for an education within materials theory.

List of courses

Chooseable profile courses 10 hp

Below is a list of courses to profile in at your second year.

Master thesis

Check out our list of proposed topics for master thesis.

Last modified: 2021-02-24