Highly Cited Publications in the Field

Recent publications (2010 to date) with more than 100 citations
(data from Web of Science 2019-10-02)

1↔ Bismuth Based Hybrid Perovskites A3Bi2I9 (A: Methylammonium or Cesium) for Solar Cell Application
Park, Byung-Wook; Philippe, Bertrand; Zhang, Xiaoliang; et al.
ADVANCED MATERIALS Volume: 27 Issue: 43 Pages: 6806-+ Published: NOV 18 2015,
406 citations
2↑ Nickel-vanadium monolayer double hydroxide for efficient electrochemical water oxidation
Fan, Ke; Chen, Hong; Ji, Yongfei; et al.
NATURE COMMUNICATIONS Volume: 7 Article Number: 11981 Published: JUN 2016
290 citations
3↓ Large Tunable Rashba Spin Splitting of a Two-Dimensional Electron Gas in Bi2Se3
King, P. D. C.; Hatch, R. C.; Bianchi, M.; et al.
PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS Volume: 107 Issue: 9 Article Number: 096802 Published: AUG 25 2011
272 citations
4↔ Electronic Structure of TiO2/CH3NH3PbI3 Perovskite Solar Cell Interfaces
Lindblad, Rebecka; Bi, Dongqin; Park, Byung-wook; et al.
JOURNAL OF PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY LETTERS Volume: 5 Issue: 4 Pages: 648-653 Published: FEB 20 2014
263 citations
5↑ Charge-compensation in 3d-transition-metal-oxide intercalation cathodes through the generation of localized electron holes on oxygen
Luo, Kun; Roberts, Matthew R.; Hao, Rong; et al.
NATURE CHEMISTRY Volume: 8 Issue: 7 Pages: 684-691 Published: JUL 2016
247 citations
6↓ Electronic Properties of Meso-Superstructured and Planar Organometal Halide Perovskite Films: Charge Trapping, Photodoping, and Carrier Mobility
Leijtens, Tomas; Stranks, Samuel D.; Eperon, Giles E.; et al.
ACS NANO Volume: 8 Issue: 7 Pages: 7147-7155 Published: JUL 2014
236 citations
7↓ Nanosilicon Electrodes for Lithium-Ion Batteries: Interfacial Mechanisms Studied by Hard and Soft X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy
Philippe, Bertrand; Dedryvere, Remi; Allouche, Joachim; et al.
CHEMISTRY OF MATERIALS Volume: 24 Issue: 6 Pages: 1107-1115 Published: MAR 27 2012
229 citations
8↑ Maximizing and stabilizing luminescence from halide perovskites with potassium passivation
Abdi-Jalebi, Mojtaba; Andaji-Garmaroudi, Zahra; Cacovich, Stefania; et al.
NATURE Volume: 555 Issue: 7697 Pages: 497-+ Published: MAR 22 2018
222 citations
9↔ Unreacted PbI2 as a Double-Edged Sword for Enhancing the Performance of Perovskite Solar Cells
Jacobsson, T. Jesper; Correa-Baena, Juan-Pablo; Anaraki, Elham Halvani; et al.
JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY Volume: 138 Issue: 32 Pages: 10331-10343 Published: AUG 17 2016
222 citations
10↓ Self-terminating diffraction gates femtosecond X-ray nanocrystallography measurements
Barty, Anton; Caleman, Carl; Aquila, Andrew; et al.
NATURE PHOTONICS Volume: 6 Issue: 1 Pages: 35-40 Published: JAN 2012
214 citations
11↓ Near-Room-Temperature Colossal Magnetodielectricity and Multiglass Properties in Partially Disordered La2NiMnO6
Choudhury, D.; Mandal, P.; Mathieu, R.; et al.
PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS Volume: 108 Issue: 12 Article Number: 127201 Published: MAR 19 2012
210 citations
12↓ Improved Performance of the Silicon Anode for Li-Ion Batteries: Understanding the Surface Modification Mechanism of Fluoroethylene Carbonate as an Effective Electrolyte Additive
Xu, Chao; Lindgren, Fredrik; Philippe, Bertrand; et al.
CHEMISTRY OF MATERIALS Volume: 27 Issue: 7 Pages: 2591-2599 Published: APR 14 2015
197 citations
13↓ Chemical and Electronic Structure Characterization of Lead Halide Perovskites and Stability Behavior under Different Exposures-A Photoelectron Spectroscopy Investigation
Philippe, Bertrand; Park, Byung-Wook; Lindblad, Rebecka; et al.
CHEMISTRY OF MATERIALS Volume: 27 Issue: 5 Pages: 1720-1731 Published: MAR 10 2015
176 citations
14↓ Water at Interfaces
Björneholm, O.; Hansen, Martin H.; Hodgson, Andrew; et al.
CHEMICAL REVIEWS Volume: 116 Issue: 13 Pages: 7698-7726 Published: JUL 13 2016
170 citations
15↓ X-Ray Diffraction from Isolated and Strongly Aligned Gas-Phase Molecules with a Free-Electron Laser
Küpper, Jochen; Stern, Stephan; Holmegaard, Lotte; et al.
PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS Volume: 112 Issue: 8 Article Number: 083002 Published: FEB 28 2014
144 citations
16↔ Improved Performances of Nanosilicon Electrodes Using the Salt LiFSI: A Photoelectron Spectroscopy Study
Philippe, Bertrand; Dedryvere, Remi; Gorgoi, Mihaela; et al.
JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY Volume: 135 Issue: 26 Pages: 9829-9842 Published: JUL 3 2013
137 citations
17↔ Comparing anode and cathode electrode/electrolyte interface composition and morphology using soft and hard X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy
Malmgren, S.; Ciosek, K.; Hahlin, M.; et al.
ELECTROCHIMICA ACTA Volume: 97 Pages: 23-32 Published: MAY 1 2013
133 citations
18↔ Role of the LiPF6 Salt for the Long-Term Stability of Silicon Electrodes in Li-Ion Batteries – A Photoelectron Spectroscopy Study
Philippe, Bertrand; Dedryvere, Remi; Gorgoi, Mihaela; et al.
CHEMISTRY OF MATERIALS Volume: 25 Issue: 3 Pages: 394-404 Published: FEB 12 2013
124 citations
19♦ Ultra-low magnetic damping of a metallic ferromagnet
Schoen, Martin A. W.; Thonig, Danny; Schneider, Michael L.; et al.
NATURE PHYSICS Volume: 12 Issue: 9 Pages: 839-842 Published: SEP 2016
102 citations