Holographic entanglement entropy and complexity ofmicrostate geometries


Authors: Alessandro Bombini, Giulia Fardelli

Preprint number:  UUITP-41/19

Abstract: We study  holographic entanglement entropy and  holographic complexity in a two-charge, 1/4-BPS family of solutions of type IIB supergravity, controlled by one dimensionless parameter. All the geometries in this family are asymptotically AdS3 x S3 x T4 and, varying the parameter that controls them, they interpolate between the global AdS3 x S3 x T4 and the massless BTZ3 x S3 x T4 geometry. Due to AdS/CFT duality, these geometries are dual to pure CFT heavy states.
We find that there is no emergence of entanglement shadow for all the values of the parameter and we discuss the relation with the massless BTZ result, underlying the relevance of the nature of the dual states.
We also compute the holographic complexity of formation of these geometries, finding a nice monotonic function that interpolates between the pure AdS3 result and the massless BTZ one.