Scattering Massive String Resonances through Field-Theory Methods


Authors: Max Guillen, Henrik Johansson, Renann Lipinski Jusinskas, Oliver Schlotterer

Preprint number: UUITP-17/21

Abstract: We present a new method, exact in alpha', to explicitly compute string tree-level amplitudes involving one massive state and any number of massless ones. This construction relies on the so-called twisted heterotic string, which admits only gauge multiplets, a gravitational multiplet, and a single massive supermultiplet in its spectrum. In this simplified model, we determine the moduli-space integrand of all amplitudes with one massive state using Berends-Giele currents of the gauge multiplet. These integrands are then straightforwardly mapped to gravitational amplitudes in the twisted heterotic string and to the corresponding massive amplitudes of the conventional type-I and type-II superstrings.