Docentföreläsning: Entropy rules! From Stirling engines to nuclear boil-off

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  • Plats: Ångströmlaboratoriet Häggsalen (10132) och på (
  • Föreläsare: PhD Ali Al-Adili
  • Kontaktperson: Ali Al-Adili
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Institutionen för fysik och astronomi inbjuder härmed alla intresserade till docenturföreläsning i ämnet fysik.

Chairperson: professor Göran Ericsson

Representative of the Docentship Committee: professor Kristofer Gamstedt

Abstract: While the second law of thermodynamics is a fundamental universal principle, the concept of entropy remains perplexing for students and researchers alike. In this lecture, we first review the entropy postulate and investigate how it was developed to maximize the efficiency of thermodynamical processes, and how it paved the way for modern quantum-based physics. We then continue to contemporary experimental nuclear physics and explore how entropy affects the relaxation of hot nuclear matter. It turns out that entropy plays a central role in how energy is distributed between the residuals of splitting nuclei. The nuclear experiments designed for investigating the impact of entropy on the nuclear scale will be described, and we finally discuss the influence it has on the dynamics of nuclear fission.

The lecture is an obligatory teaching test for those applying for admittance as docent and it should be possible for students and others with basic academic education in the relevant field to follow it. The lecture will last for 40-45 minutes and afterwards the audience may ask questions. The lecture will be given in English.