Christian Glaser Promoted to Senior Lecturer


Christian Glaser was on March 14, 2023 promoted to senior lecturer in experimental astroparticle physics at the Department of Physics and Astronomy.

"I’m happy that Uppsala University values my work and wants to keep me here permanently", says Christian Glaser.

Christian Glaser came to Uppsala University in May 2020 and his research area is astroparticle physics. He works with detecting ultra-high energy cosmic neutrinos with neutrino telescopes at the South Pole, the Ross Ice Shelf and Greenland. There he works with ARIANNA, which comprises ten radio detector stations on Ross Ice Shelf on the coast of Antarctica, IceCube-Gen2, which is an upcoming extensive development of the current neutrino telescope IceCube in Antarctica and RNO-G (Radio Neutrino Observatory Greenland), which is a detector that right now is being constructed in central Greenland.

"The project I’m most exicited about at the moment is the development of novel hardware and trigger systems for IceCube-Gen2, the next generation neutrino detector at the South Pole. If successful, the impact would be enormous and would as much as triple the science output of the IceCube-Gen2 radio detector. Here, I have a great environment for this development: Experienced engineers, excellent PostDocs, interdisciplinary support from AI4Reserach and well-equipped labs", says Christian Glaser. 

Short Background


PhD, Aachen, Germany


PostDoc DFG (German Research Foundation), University of California Irvine


Biträdande universitetslektor vid institutionen för fysik och astronomi, Uppsala universitet


Senior Lecturer in experimental astrophysics, at the Department of Physics and Astronomy, Uppsala University

Last modified: 2023-08-04