Ulf Danielsson awarded Hedenius Prize 2015


November 22nd, at the ABF building in Stockholm, Ulf Danielsson awarded for his active divulgation of science through his popular science books, public lectures and frequent partition in various media.

Ingmar Hedenius Prize is awarded annually since 2000 by the Humanists. The prize was established in memory of the philosopher, writer and cultural commentator Ingemar Hedenius (1908-1982). The prize is a warded to people that during the year have “promoted humanism, rationalism and scientific knowledge. Special attention must be given to efforts that promote a critical examination of religion in its various forms, like pseudoscience, irrational and inhumane beliefs and traditions.”

Learn more about Hedeniuspriset here and see the lecture Ulf Danielsson gave at the awards ceremony.

Last modified: 2023-08-04