3.7 Million Euros for Imaging of Proteins


The Uppsala researchers Carl Caleman and Erik Marklund have in an European cooperative project been granted 3.7 million Euros for X-ray imaging of proteins.

virus proteins
Image: Erik Marklund.

The project which goes under the name MS SPIDOC, has as its goal to make possible atomic imaging of virus proteins at the recently opened X-ray laser European-XFEL in Hamburg. The experiments are carried through by taking the virus proteins one wishes to image from a water solution into an experimental chamber, where one with the help of the X-ray laser wants to create an image of the individual proteins on an atomic level.

“Our simulations have shown that we can use electric fields to manipulate individual proteins when they arrive in the experimental chamber where they are irradiated with the X-ray laser. Now we will do this experimentally”, says Carl Caleman, researcher at the department of physics and astronomy.

The project is financed during a three year period within the framework of Horizon 2020 and is coordinated by the Heinrich Pette Institute and European XFEL GmbH in Germany. The other collaborators are Universität Greifswalds, Fasmatech Science and Technology SA, Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1, University of Manchester and MS Vision.

Camilla Thulin

Last modified: 2023-08-04