Martin Sahlén Awarded Filéns Legat


Martin Sahlén, Associate Professor of astronomy with specialisation in astrophysics at the Department of Physics and Astronomy, was on December 12, 2019 awarded Filéns legat.

Martin Sahlin
Martin Sahlén. Photo: Camilla Thulin

The scholarship of SEK 100 000 per year during three years is according to the statutes of Filénska donationen from 1822 handed out as

“encouragement and support to needing younger researchers who through scientific theses shown skill and thus should be encouraged to stay at the university. In the first instance, the scholarship should go to lecturers who have documented themselves, secondly to postgraduate students.”

“I am happy and honored to have been awarded Filéns legat by the Vice-Chancellor. During the following three years I will further develop my research on galaxies, star formation, dark matter and dark energy among others within the telescope projects 4MOST, Euclid and Square Kilometre Array. At the same time, the grant is encouragement to new scientific collaborations, which I look forward to have on Uppsala University”, says Martin Sahlén.

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Camilla Thulin
Translation: Johan Wall

Last modified: 2023-08-04