Oleg Kochukhov New Professor in Astronomy with Specialisation in Stellar Magnetism and Activity


Oleg Kochukhov started as a professor in Astronomy with Specialisation in Stellar Magnetism and Activity on Oct 1, 2017.

Oleg Kuchukhov
Oleg Kuchukhov. Photo: Mikael Wallerstedt.

How long have you been working at the Department of Physics and Astronomy?
I received my PhD degree from the Department of Physics and Astronomy in 2003 and have continuously been working here since 2005, when I was recruited as a “forskarassistent” in theoretical astrophysics. Then I was a Wallenberg Academy Fellow, and then worked as a senior lecturer.

Which is your research field?
I am an expert in stellar physics. My main area of research is investigation of magnetic fields and associated structure formation and variability phenomena on stellar surfaces. Some of the scientific problems I address are relevant for understanding the solar-terrestrial connections, for studying atmospheres of exosolar planets and for assessing habitability of their surfaces. In addition, I contribute to the development of instrumentation for future ground-based and space astronomical facilities.

Why did you choose to become a professor?
I think becoming a professor is a natural step in an academic carrier, reflecting one's experience in research, teaching and supervision. In this role I hope to become more useful to my division and department, and also to participate in the strategic decision making at both levels.

Will your work change as a professor?
I do not expect any immediate major changes for my day-to-day work. In the long run, I will probably contribute more substantially to administration and management at the division and department.

What does it mean to you on a personal level?
Personally, I am of course gratified that my achievements have been recognised. I am also deeply thankful to my colleagues and research group members for contributing to the stimulating and friendly atmosphere which I have enjoyed all these years.

Camilla Thulin

Last modified: 2023-08-04