Vårpromotionen 2021

Vårpromotionen 2021 ägde rum den 28 maj. Vid institutionen för fysik och astronomi promoverades en doktor. Under vårpromotionen promoverades även femton jubeldoktorer kopplade till institutionen för fysik och astronomi. Promotor var Jan-Erik Rubensson.

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Suvendu Giri, teoretisk fysik
Avh: New Horizons in String Theory. Bubble Babble in Search of Darkness.


Börje Ekstig
Avh: Electronic structure of solids studied by X-ray spectroscopy.

Fredrik Falk
Avh: Directional correlation measurements of alpha decay, hyperfine interaction and internal conversion.

Torgny Groth
Avh: Computer-assisted systems analysis and adaptive model building applied to some physical and biophysical investigations.

Kjell Hamrin
Avh: ESCA applied to solids and gases.

Lars Hellström
Avh: Nanosecond pulse generation by a sudden discharge in the centre of a circular plate capacitor.

Sven Hörnfeldt
Avh: Studies of the Fermi surface in antimony and some transition metals.

Anders Lund
Avh: Electron spin resonance studies of paramagnetic intermediates in γ-irradiated systems.

Göran Malmsten
Avh: Properties of nuclear and atomic energy levels derived from precision electron spectra.

Hans Nordberg
Avh: Sub-critical crack growth in some metals and polymers.

Sören Rodmar
Avh: Experimental and theoretical nuclear magnetic resonance investigations of aromatic compounds.

Wolfgang Seibt
Avh: Charge transport in radiation detectors.

Allan Stenberg
Avh: Studies in low-level counting.

Bo Stenerhag
Avh: Properties of electrically exploding tungsten wires.

Ulrik Sundbäck
Avh: Measurement of mechanical vibrations with laser interferometric equipment.

Roger Wäppling
Avh: Hyperfine investigations on solid compounds of transition elements.

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