Vårpromotionen 2016

Vårpromotionen 2016 ägde rum den 27 maj. Vid institutionen för fysik och astronomi promoverades nio doktorer. Promotor var Sven Halldin.


Peter Andersson, tillämpad kärnfysik
Avh: Fast-Neutron Tomography using a Mobile Neutron Generator for Assessment of Steam-Water Distributions in Two-Phase Flows.

Urban Eriksson, fysikens didaktik
Avh: Reading the Sky: From Starspots to Spotting Stars.

Bo Jonas Forsman, fysikundervisningens didaktik
Avh: Complexity Theory and Physics Education Research: The Case of Student Retention in Physics and Related Degree Programmes.

Tobias Fredlund, fysikundervisningens didaktik
Avh: Using a Social Semiotic Perspective to Inform the Teaching and Learning of Physics.

Pieter Gruyters, observationell astrofysik
Avh: Exploring the Chemical Evolution of Globular Clusters and their Stars: Observational Constraints on Atomic Diffusion and Cluster Pollution in NGC 6752 and M4.

Leyla Isaeva, materialteori
Avh: Amorphous and crystalline functional materials from first principles.

Alexander Madsen, högenergifysik
Avh: Hunting the Charged Higgs Boson with Lepton Signatures in the ATLAS Experiment.

Daniel Pelikan, högenergifysik
Avh: Searches for a Charged Higgs Boson in ATLAS and Development of Novel Technology for Future Particle Detector Systems.

Muhammad Ramzan, materialteori
Avh: Structural, Electronic and Mechanical Properties of Advanced Functional Materials​.

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