Vårpromotionen 2023

Vårpromotionen 2023 ägde rum den 26 maj. Vid institutionen för fysik och astronomi promoverades tolv doktorer. Under vårpromotionen promoverades även nitton jubeldoktorer kopplade till institutionen för fysik och astronomi. Promotor var Svante Janson.

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Christian Binggeli, observationell astronomi
Avh: Galaxies in the epoch of reionization: Investigating the high-redshift galaxy population through simulations and observations.

Gunnar Bollmark, kvantmateriens teori
Avh: Order in Strongly Correlated Quasi-One-Dimensional Systems: Solving Higher-Dimensional Systems Combining Matrix-Product-State Methods and Mean-Field Theory.

Agne Ciuciulkaite, materialfysik
Avh: Dynamics in magnetic metamaterials.

Giane B. Damas, materialteori
Avh: Atomic Scale Modelling in Photoelectrocatalysis: Towards the Development of Efficient Materials for Solar Fuel Production.

Elias Euler, fysikens didaktik
Avh: Learning physics with Controllable Worlds: Perspectives for examining and augmenting physics students' engagement with digital learning environments.

Inga Katharina Götz, materialfysik
Avh: Local structure and composition in additively manufactured bulk metallic glasses and composites.

Maciej Kaplan, materialfysik
Avh: Designing metallic glasses: Alloying, properties, and degrees of freedom.

Tomas Löthman, materialteori
Avh: Robust Platforms for Superconductivity: Disorder Robustness and Topological Density of States Peaks.

Johann Schmidt, materialteori
Avh: Topological superconductivity in multiorbital materials.

Georgii Shamuilov, FREIA
Avh: Single-cycle undulator light.

Tobias Warnatz, materialfysik
Avh: Magnetic Properties of Epitaxial Metal/Oxide Heterostructures.

Ansgar Wehrhahn, observationell astronomi
Avh: High Resolution Transmission Spectroscopy of Exoplanets.


Leendert Aardoom
Avh: Some theoretical contributions to geodetic modeling of range-related observations in space.

Anders Bárány
Avh: Non-adiabatic transitions in slow processes.

Manuel Berrondo
Avh: On projection operators and symmetry in quantum electronic systems.

Kjell Carrander
Avh: Magnetization studies of iridium, iron germanide and some antiferromagnetic salts.

Robert L. Chase
Avh: Electronic instrumentation for nuclear physics research.

Ulrik Gelius
Avh: Molecular spectroscopy by means of ESCA: Experimental and Theoretical Studies.

Eskil Hagberg
Avh: Studies of proton–nucleus scattering and related instrumentation problems.

Stig Haraldson
Avh: Magnetic resonances in conducting matter.

Anders Johansson
Avh: Nuclear states and transitions investigated by means of high resolution nuclear spectroscopy.

Andris Lauberts
Avh: Numerical models of gravitationally interacting galaxies.

Kari (Kalevi) Marklund
Avh: Experimental investigations of specific heat at low temperatures.

Bertil Nyman
Avh: Precision electron and gamma-ray spectroscopy studies of nuclear states excited in radioactive decays and nuclear reactions.

Per-Ulf Renberg
Avh: Proton-induced reactions in the study of nuclear properties.

Karl Erik Sundström
Avh: Charge transport studies and investigation of metal–silicon and silicide–silicon junctions.

Bo Sundqvist
Avh: The nuclear three-body problem studied with proton induced deuteron breakup.

Birgitta Svahn
Avh: Properties of nuclear states and transitions studied by means of electron and gamma-ray spectroscopy.

Lars O. Werme
Avh: Electron and X-ray spectroscopic studies of free molecules.

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