Mechanical equipment


CAD-systemWe use PTC Creo, Solidworks and Bentleys Micro Station. Programs, exporting and importing most CAD formats e.g. .igs, .stp, .dxf.


We use GibbsCAM which can import many CAD-formats .igs, .stp, .dxf, m.fl.

Example of advanced milling / Solidimport / 2.5D solid processing.

Example of advanced milling / Solidimport/ 5-axlig positioning. 

CNC Machines


X630 mm Y500 mm Z500 mm
Spindelvarvtal 10000 varv/min
Styrsystem Heidenhain TNC 430


DMU 50TX500 mm Y380 mm Z380 mm
Spindelvarvtal 9000 varv/min
Manuellt tippbart och roterbart bord
Styrsystem Heidenhain MillPlus


DMU 60EX600 mm Y525 mm Z500 mm
Spindelvarvtal 12000 varv/min
4:e axel
Rundbord Hofmann, dubbhöjd 160 mm
Styrsystem Heidenhain TNC 426

DMU 70

DMU 70X750 mm Y600 mm Z520 mm
Spindelvarvtal 18000 varv/min
Styrsystem 3D-Control Heidenhain iTNC530 HSCI
för 5-axlig simultan bearbetning


DMU 80TX880 Y630 Z630 mm
Spindelvarvtal 12000 varv/min
Styrsystem Heidenhain TNC 530
för 5-axlig simultan bearbetning

Deckel FP42 NC

Deckel FP42 NCX1200 mm Y500 mm Z370 mm
Spindelvarvtal 3150 varv/min
Styrsystem Dialog 4

Gildemeister N.E.F 400

Gildemeister N.E.F 400Styrsystem FANUC 21Ois
Sving över bädd 400 mm
Svarvbar längd 650 mm
X 220 mm, Z 700 mm
Stångkapacitet ø 52 mm
Spindelvarvtal 4000 r/min
8-läges VDI 30 revolver

Gildemeister N.E.F 500

Gildemeister N.E.F 500Styrsystem Heidenhain Manual Plus 4410 Teach in
Sving över bädd 500 mm
Sving över planslid 285 mm
Dubbavstånd 1000 mm
Stångkapacitet ø 70 mm
Spindelvarvtal 2800 varv/min

Manual machines


Support lathe

  • Weiler Commodor
  • Weiler Praktikant
  • Weiler Matador 3 st.

Milling machine

  • Maho 500M

Sheet metal processing machines

  • Haco hydraulic metal cutting power shear TS 2006.
    Working length 2000 mm.
  • Promecam press brake. Pressure capacity 50 ton.
    Working length 2000 mm.
  • Kasto metal cutting bandsaw SBL 280 U
  • Perris 350 MRP aluminum cutter



We perform TIG and MIG welding in the most materials, especially Stainless steel (UHV compatible).

LäcksökareVacuum details checked for leaks with helium leak detector. Pfeiffer Vacuum HLT 260.

Surface treatment

Washing facilities

YtbehandlingFor the cleaning of manufactured parts we have an ultrasonic bath with rinsing step and drying oven. Finnsonic CR-150. Size 460x660x550 mm.


Blasting cabinet with glass or aluminum oxide as abrasive media.


Electropolishing of stainless steel.


Anodizing of aluminum, also staining.

Plastic coating

We use Rilsan®. Melting point / working temperature: 185°C/ +125°C.

Last modified: 2022-01-12